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The CM-16 Climate Monitor is a 1U rack mounted hub ideal for protecting server rooms with multiple cabinets and a range of sensors. An on-board website gives you access to charts showing a detailed history of sensor readings. By adding remote temperature, water, humidity, or other sensors, you can fully monitor and protect your environments, catching the information that is appropriate to your rack room, making the CM-16 a very cost-effective solution.

Mounted on the facia:
16 digital expansion ports
3 analogue ports
On Board Temperature Sensor
Ethernet 10mbps RJ45 receptacle
Email alerts
Optional SMS alerts
SNMP traps

Technical specifications

Rack Mount 1U
Real Time Clock with power backup
Reset Button


HTTP/HTTPS web access for easy management
Multiple alarm thresholds per sensor providing excellent flexibility
3 Access Control levels, enabling view, control and admin access
Compatible with web cams (not included); up to four can be displayed

Usage overview

Rack Mount unit, typically about a third down in the cab.

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