It’s All About You and Your Business

Here at Swiftalert, we work in partnership with our clients to deliver bespoke monitoring solutions that are 100% tailored to each and every need of our clients.

Innovative technology combined with an expert team delivers a solution that is flexible, scalable, and robust, yet simplifies the complete process of monitoring and protecting vital systems.

Whether you are operating a small sever room, through to a large data centre, we have invested in technology that is easy to use, fast and reliable, and importantly can scale and adapt as your business grows. Combine this with our industry expertise and knowhow and we can be fully relied upon to make a difference to safeguarding your operations.

Our solutions

The Hardware

The monitoring hardware devices from Swiftalert help you to protect data centres, server rooms or other critical facilities. They have been selected for their innovation and fast processing capabilities – delivering the very latest climate, power and security sensors and monitor alerts using email, mobile and SMS notifications.

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The Software

We have invested significant time and resources into creating a highly intuitive user interface for our Swiftalert software. It provides a highly visual representation of the monitoring dashboard and offers a number of select views, including: sensor mapping view, monitoring widgets page, live camera screens to track live surveillance for issues, in addition to a monitoring strategy summary page.

The comprehensive software enables users to easily determine exactly what they want to monitor, where and when, without requiring any significant training.

Monitoring Across Devices

When you’re on the move, why not take the Swiftalert system with you on your smartphone or iPad. Users will be alerted to any event or potential issue, regardless of time or location, and the mapping system will pinpoint exactly where it is.